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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Must I have a Home Care Package to receive support from Focused Care?

A – No, there are various funding options you may be eligible for. There can be lengthy waiting times to access a Home Care Package. In the meantime, we can offer private fee-paying services while you wait. Also, when you have your package, you may want to ‘top up’ with additional services from time to time.

We offer all our services on a private basis where you simply purchase what you want, when you want with no eligibility assessments or waitlists.

Q –How much do services cost?

A – The price list for Home Care Packages can be found under FUNDING, FEES AND CHARGES below. For other services, the price will depend on your eligibility, the plan and the type of care required and as such will be discussed with you when building your service plan.

Funding, Fees & Charges

Understanding funding and eligibility can be overwhelming so we’re here to help you. Your eligibility is determined by your needs, with the funder setting the fees and charges.
Below is an overview of the different options:

Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages are funded by the Federal Government and are available in four levels, depending on your assessed need. Each level comes with a set level of annual funding which is used to purchase a range of supports depending upon the needs and preferences of the person.
Our service charges are as below:

The contribution out of your pocket that you need to make (your fees) are set by the government and include the:
– Basic Daily Care Fee – this is currently set at 17.5% of the pension.
– Income Tested Fee – may apply depending on your assessable income as determined by the Department of Human Services.

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)
The NDIS funds ‘reasonable and necessary supports’ to help a person living with a permanent and significant disability to reach their goals. Eligibility is determined by the NDIS with services being rolled out by geographic region. To see if NDIS has rolled out in your region and to find out more please CLICK HERE

Veterans Home Care, Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Veterans Home Care or DVA assists Gold Card or White Card Holders with low care needs to receive practical help to continue to live at home. Information on services and the fees which may apply can be found HERE.

Private Services
We offer all our services on a private, fee-paying basis. There’s no waiting list and no need for an eligibility assessment. This means you can get the services you want right away. Private services can also be provided on a temporary basis while you are awaiting approval of funded services or to top-up funded services as your needs and circumstances change.

Our skilled Care Coordinators are here to help you work out which option will best suit your needs.

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Focused Care can work with you to design a plan tailored to your budget and your needs.
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We will call you with a range of options and costs to suit your needs and budget.