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Personal Care

Bathing, hygiene and grooming assistance

If you are concerned about your safety, dignity and wellbeing, it can all be taken care of by our wonderful team at Focused Care. We can give you support in maintaining your personal hygiene to help you feel refreshed and re-energised. You can keep using your favourite toiletries too, we’ll work with whatever you’ve got!.

You can also maintain control over your appearance and unique style. We’ll help you to get dressed, style hair and makeup, or trim nails to leave you feeling and looking your best.
We’ll also be close by to prevent falls in the bathroom - your comfort and peace of mind is our priority.

Medication and wound care

If you take medication, especially if it’s more than one type, it may be difficult to keep track of what to take and when. We can help manage your medication in the right way and answer any questions that you or your family may have.

Do you need help with your skin care?

Our skin changes as we age and becomes more vulnerable to stress and damage.
After assessing the condition of your skin, we can assist you to maintain its best health and prevent injury.



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