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Home Help

Meals and Cooking

There is nothing better than a home cooked meal - and you don’t need to miss out!
If you’re unable to cook for yourself, or even need just a bit of a hand at meal times, we can help.
We’ll work together to plan, shop and make the foods you like to eat, whilst making sure that you get enough vitamins, minerals and fibre in your diet to keep you healthy.
We’ll also be close by if you need support with using eating utensils and eating aids, or assistance with actual feeding if necessary.


Getting out and about safely.
Focused Care helps you move around town safely and reliably, whether it’s to a medical appointment, the grocery store or meeting up with friends. We provide transport services to take you where you need to go, wait with you and get you home safely.

Domestic and Gardening

Stay at home without the stress.
Keeping a household running is strenuous and time-consuming work. We can assist with housekeeping, laundry and gardening to help you continue living comfortably in your family home without any stress or worry.
Some of our services include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, lawn mowing, garden bed weeding, cleaning of gutters and light repairs.
If you don’t see what you need here, just ask! We realise every home is unique and can accommodate our services accordingly.



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